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Dentist in 77024

How long has it been since you’ve lost your tooth? A few days? Weeks? Months? Whether you are scheduled to have a tooth extracted or have been missing teeth for quite a while, you should considered speaking with the experts at Lifeworks Dental as to the best options for replacing any lost or missing teeth and reestablishing a complete smile. As your 77024 dentist we offer an extensive range of dental services, including several effective and pleasing methods of tooth replacement.

Teeth may be lost for any number of reasons including extensive dental decay, periodontal disease, trauma, malnutrition or other medical conditions. In addition to the empty space left by lost teeth, there can be several other consequences that are further detrimental to your overall dental health and appearance. Without replacement teeth, the adjacent or opposing teeth in your mouth can shift and your face can develop a sunken in appearance. For some patients the most appropriate solution to replace the lost teeth and restore the look and function of their smile are partial or complete dentures. Based on the specific needs of the case, our 77024 dentist will determine which type of denture is most suitable for you. Typically, dentures come as either complete dentures or partial dentures. A partial denture is used when some of a patient’s original teeth can be preserved, whereas a complete denture is indicated when all of the upper or lower teeth are missing or need to be extracted.

77024 Dentist

Although dentures can give you a dramatically improved smile, there can be a brief period of adjustment until you are comfortable eating and speaking with them. However, in a short while you will feel renewed confidence in the look and function of your smile.

If you’re looking to restore your smile with dentures, or are interested in the other services provided by Lifeworks Dental, give us a call today. Our established reputation for excellence makes us a top choice of many patients looking for a 77024 dentist.


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