77024 night guards

77024 night guards

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Where can I find night guards in Houston?

Does your jaw hurt when you wake up in the morning? The culprit can often be identified as bruxism. At Lifeworks Dental, conveniently located in the heart of Houston, TX, our bruxism-challenged patients can schedule a consultation with our doctors for proper diagnosis and expedient treatment. We aim to serve our community as though they are family, and we make every effort to create long-lasting, trusting relationships with each individual patient. For general, preventive, restorative and cosmetic dentistry at a family-friendly practice, please consider Lifeworks Dental.

Chronic jaw clenching and teeth grinding, unusally while asleep, is known as bruxism. Bruxism is generally attributed to stress and anxiety; additional symptoms of bruxism may include irregular sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, or teeth that are missing and/or poorly aligned. Bruxism can result in a patient’s sleep hours being disrupted because it is primarily known as a nocturnal disorder. As part of your bruxism treatment at Lifeworks Dental, you will be provided with a comprehensive, state-of-the-art smile evaluation.

Though a patient’s individual needs are the final determining factors when deciding on a treatment plan, Dr. Tran’s and Dr. Nguyen’s bruxism patients are typically treated with our exceptional 77024 night guards. Our custom fabricated night guards are oral appliances that are worn at bedtime to keep the jaw partly separated, preventing teeth grinding from occurring. Patients report that Lifeworks Dental’s 77024 night guards are extremely advantageous in that their sleep schedules remain uninterrupted and wear and tear on tooth enamel and other dental discomfort are prevented: wearing night guards prevents muscle strain, chipped or cracked teeth, and excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ).

Are you becoming concerned about the aching in your jaw? It may be time to schedule an appointment with Drs. Tran and Nguyen at Lifeworks Dental. Our experience in treating patients with bruxism symptoms has been extremely effective and successful. Call Lifeworks Dental today and ask about our 77024 night guards!

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