Dental implants 77024

Dental implants 77024

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Are you looking for Dental implants 77024?

Have you been thinking about replacing those missing teeth in Houston, TX? At Lifeworks Dental, our two expert dentists, Drs. Tran and Nguyen, can guide you in selecting the best method of tooth replacement to meet your needs. While dental bridges and dentures are both very effective at reestablishing a complete smile, dental implants are the most advanced approach to replacing lost or missing teeth.

Dental implants 77024

It is important to understand what dental implants are exactly. Dental implants 77024 are small surgical posts that are carefully inserted into a patient’s jawbone. They have a success rate of 98%—the highest percentage of any implanted surgical device. Our standard implants come the closest of any restorative option in replicating the natural look, feel, and function of an original tooth. Standard dental implants can provide stimulation to the underlying bone where an untreated missing tooth once sat, preventing further bone loss and maintaining your natural facial contours. In addition, standard dental implants can support a range of tooth restorations, including crowns, bridges and dentures.

Another implant option that we offer at Lifeworks Dental is called All-on-4. These dental implants 77024 do a remarkable job of providing patients who have lost all of their upper or lower teeth with a more permanent, comfortable and stable fix. Like the name suggests, All-on-4 involves placing only four titanium dental implants in your upper or lower jaw. These four implants are designed to support a custom fabricated full arch dental bridge, which closely resembles the look and feel of a set of natural teeth. The All-on-4 method gives patients the added confidence that their new teeth are attractive and secure.

Our patients don’t consider us the leading implant dentist in Houston for nothing! Give Lifeworks Dental a call and let Drs. Tran and Nguyen show you why our selection of dental implants 77024 are excellent choices to restore your smile.


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