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Have you been diagnosed with periodontal disease and considering your options in care? It is important to keep in mind that, gum disease when left untreated will continue to progress and create problems for the soft and hard tissues supporting your teeth. Since periodontal disease can advance without feeling painful, some individuals are completely unaware of the presence of the condition, or the actual severity of the tissue damage and loss that has already occurred. This is why visiting your Houston dentist, for routine care, gives you have a better chance of catching gum disease early enough to achieve a successful treatment outcome

Houston Dentist

At Lifeworks Dental, your Houston dentist; we offer the most advanced technology and options in care. Your comfort and care are our top priorities. For this reason, we offer laser periodontal therapy for the treatment of early to moderate periodontal disease. Thanks to advances in modern dental technology in the area of laser dentistry, we now the ability to reach deep down into the pocket between your tooth and gum to painlessly and effectively clear any infected and diseased tissue. Not only is laser periodontal treatment is a much more gentle method than conventional procedures to treat periodontal disease, less recovery time needed. Typically, two to six visits are recommended for complete removal of affected tissues and for some level of repair and restoration of tissue health.

As your Houston dentist, our experienced and highly skilled professional staff evaluates each patient individually and, based on their particular dental needs may still recommend other forms of treatment depending on how severe the disease has become. However, for most less advanced cases, laser therapy is a much more conservative approach that is effective, gentle and affordable for the patient.

For more information on Laser periodontal therapy or the many other dental services that Lifeworks Dental provides, call your Houston dentist today.


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