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Do you feel self-conscious when you smile because of stained or yellowed teeth? If so, the professional strength teeth whitening services offered at Lifeworks Dental may be just for you! Many patients are finding professional teeth whitening to be a wonderful and safe treatment to effectively erase teeth stains and brighten their smiles. As a matter of fact, teeth whitening treatments are among the most popular cosmetic treatments available in the United States. At Lifeworks Dental, we offer two exceptional Houston teeth whitening methods to revitalize your smile, as well as a range of additional cosmetic services to enhance your overall appearance.

For many patients, the first choice for whitening is our in-office procedure that utilizes prescription strength whitening solution. The popularity this option is that an in-office Houston teeth whitening procedure achieves remarkable results in as little as one hour! In just one 60-minute visit to our dental office, we can make a significant improvement to the whiteness of your teeth and brightness of your smile.

An alternative method for achieving a pearly white smile is with our professional-strength, take-home kit, designed to accommodate the schedule of patients with a more on-the-go lifestyle. Our take-home teeth whitening kit is highly recommended over the many teeth whitening products available at your pharmacy or grocery, as some of these products have been found to contain abrasive ingredients that are damaging to tooth enamel. At Lifeworks Dental, our take-home whitening kits also provide safe, effective and reliable results of care. Whether you opt for the in-office procedure or take-home whitening kit, we can produce fabulous results for your smile!

If you are considering enhancing the appearance of your smile, call Lifeworks Dental to ask about our Houston teeth whitening treatment. To learn more about the comprehensive range of services offered at our office, call our friendly staff today!

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